• Emily Ayers

Telluride in Photos

I’ve been slowly sharing some of the photos I took on a recent trip to Telluride, Colorado and they have been some of my favorites. When I used to visit in high school, taking day trips to places like Ouray and Telluride were always the most exciting. Since moving to Montrose one thing I’ve noticed is that those places sometimes lose their luster for the locals. It makes sense. Places that you see and go to often can easily become mundane if you don’t make an effort to keep rediscovering them.

It happened all the time in California. Weeks would go by without seeing the beach or without taking a drive up Signal Hill.

I almost let that mindset take over while in Telluride, but then I go back to visit places like Telluride on a sunny day when the mountains are crisp and feel like you could reach out to touch them and that magic you feared losing, comes rushing back in again. I hope these photos translate how beautiful it is there, surrounded by mountains.

If you’d like to learn more about Telluride to plan your own trip, you can learn more at visittelluride.com/


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