Social Media Management

  • Grew audience to over 2,000 followers. 

  • Maintained engagement of over 20,000 combined views with Facebook and Instagram. 

  • Facilitated giveaways. 

  • Planned takeovers with local businesses to cross promote.

Q Smokehouse

  • In-house social media for Long Beach 908 Marketing + Long Beach 908 Magazine. 

  • Grew audience from 500  on Instagram to 3,000 + 

  • Grew audience on FB from 200 to over 2,000+

  • Ran successful Instagram and Facebook Ads. 

  • Successfully promoted East Long Beach. 

Long Beach 908

  • Grew social media from 500 to over 1500+ local followers. 

  • Collaborated with local small businesses to share Naples Rib Company's community involvement. 

Naples Rib Company

  • Managed and grew the 4th Street Business District Page that has over 17,000+ followers. 

  • Successfully shared and promoted events for all of the small businesses in the district.

4th Street Business District

  • Grew audience on Instagram from 400 to nearly 600 followers. 

  • Successfully worked with partnering nonprofit organizations to promote their grants and services.

Impact Giving - Nonprofit

  • Managed social media pages for local coffee shops and juice shops that were a huge part of the community culture. 

  • Managed pages with over 5,000+ followers. 

Coffee Shops



Website Creation

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Videos I've Collaborated to Make


Written Content


Graphic Design


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